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Urethane Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high performance fenders, resilient buoys and floatation foams for the marine industry. Our state-of-the-art processes and materials, coupled with a stringent quality control program, enable us to produce the finest quality products available on the market today.

Marine Fenders

Urethane Products' Marine Guard TM and Marine Cushion TM fenders are constructed of a closed-cell, energy absorbing resilient foam core and a filament reinforced, tough polyurethane skin. Foam-filled fenders absorb 40% more energy than pneumatic type fenders of the same size. The fenders will not experience a catastrophic failure and will remain fully functional even if the skin is punctured.

Types of Urethane Products fendering systems include:


Urethane Products' Marine GuardTM buoys are manufactured with many of the same high quality materials used on our foam-filled fenders. Our buoy cores consist of a central steel frame, epoxy coated or hot-dipped galvanized and encased in a closed-cell urethane foam central body. The outer layers consist of several inches of a closed-cell, energy absorbing resilient foam and encapsulated with our very tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin. Being non-metallic, the skin will not corrode and needs very little maintenance.

Types of Urethane Products Buoys include:

Dredge Pipe Floatation

Urethane Products' Marine GuardTM Dredge Floats are constructed with a filament reinforced, polyurethane skin over a closed-cell, resilient foam core. Though not intended to function as a fender it would absorb a substantial amount of energy if a collision were to occur, protecting both the dredge pipe and the vessel. UPC's dredge floats' tapered ends facilitate towing.

Security Barriers

Urethane Products' security barriers provide security for ships in port. They may be interconnected to prevent small craft from getting near ships. The transportability of these barriers make them ideal for added security in foreign and domestic ports.

Floatation Foams

Urethane Products manufactures USCG approved, closed-cell floatation and buoyancy foams, which are available in pre-manufactured billets or a two-part liquid you mix (50:50 ratio) and pour yourself.


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