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Marine Fenders

Urethane Products Corporation (UPC) provides a wide range of urethanes and polyureas with an emphasis on marine industrial products. The marine environment is one of the harshest. Our product line can endure extreme conditions such as exposure to severe temperatures, salt water, and UV light.

We have experienced engineers with expertise in chemical, mechanical, industrial and systems engineering. This allows us to engineer high quality products to fit the needs of our customers. We incorporate a culture of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing to deliver to our customers the best quality at an affordable price. Based on the concept of continuous improvement (kaizen), every UPC team member is empowered to make improvements in quality, productivity, and safety


Marine Fenders

For 45 years, UPC's Marine Products Division has been a leader in the marine fender and buoy industry. We hold long-term contracts with the US Navy and our marine fenders are approved by the US Navy and US Coast Guard. In addition, our Marine Guard ™, Marine Cushion ™ and Donut Fenders have been successfully protecting marine assets worldwide in some of the most unforgiving environments. Our customers include ports and military installations worldwide and many fortune 500 companies.

Polyurea Products UPC's Polyurea Division is on the cutting edge of Polyurea chemistry with its high performance Roll-on and Spray-on technology. Whether it's our high performance, fast and slow-cure polyureas or our aliphatic roll-on (garage coatings) or spray-on polyureas, UPC provides you with the most advanced coating systems in the world today.
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